The customer behaviors are changing rapidly, but the digital ecosystem realities are also changing at a faster pace, leaving marketers perplexed. The intelligence built on the third party cookies is about to erode and marketers need to find ways to predict their customers’ unique pathways.

Our CDP Masterclass takes your data strategy planning skills to new level. Its takes you on a practical journey to deliver exceptional Customer Experience.
You will learn about the changes digital eco-system post cookies and how to create your CX strategy based on first party data. You will learn about the people first technology platforms and how to achieve a single view of customer that is critical for personalization.
With a balanced mix of the theory, uses cases, tips, and live product demo, this masterclass will help you master the strategies, tools and technologies to augment & leverage the power of first party data. Get ready to put insights into action!


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Vice President & Chief Data Officer -
Cheil India

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Head of Solution Engineering - Customer Experience (CX) Applications - Oracle India

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Oracle CX


Marketers’ ability to weave customer interactions into holistic customer experiences has been hampered by fragmented identities and lagging infrastructure. It just so happens that these two operational challenges are what most enterprise-level CDP’s are designed to solve. With the explosion in new ways to engage customers in the metaverse and web 3.0, we’ve had to take a harder longer look at the challenges that lie ahead and how we should be preparing for the future.
• The identity challenge, and why it’s critical to your omnichannel personalisation efforts 
• Why bold brands experimenting in Web 3.0 hold the key to the #1 roadblock you’ll face with disconnected identities
• Top three reasons why you’ll be successful at getting value from a CDP (and top 3 reasons why you won’t)
• A framework for compiling the most important CDP use cases in your organisation
With the third party cookies going away soon, the marketers have no time to rethink their customer strategy. Luckily they need to look closer to their backyard at their very own users’ first party data. This fireside chat will give real-world insight on pro-active marketers of today are enriching and leveraging their first party data to reshape and redesign their customer experience strategy.  
First-party data, the valuable indicator of customer signals
Connecting dispersed data points to create single view of customers
Redefining customer journey with customer data platforms
While the previous sessions set up the foundation of relevance of first party data enrichment and the value of personalization, this interactive session on CDP will delve into all things CDP. Specifically, the session will focus on five major building blocks of CDP, starting from ID resolution, Intelligent data (including AI), Segmentation, Activation, to Analytics. It will also shed light on critical success factors, Do’s and Don’ts of selecting a CDP, followed by a demo of the CDP tool.
Practical insights into CDP
Interactive Demo of CDP-Oracle Unity

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