Unlock the best of Cloud

Venue: Sahara Star, Mumbai
Date: 21st April, 2023
Time: 6.00 pm onwards

The hybrid multi-cloud offers plenty of advantages for operational flexibility and DevOps agility. It can also be complex. This may expose overlooked security loopholes and make the enterprise vulnerable to unplanned outages while impacting cloud budgets, performance, and data-driven initiatives.
Join us at “Sahara Star, Mumbai” to Unlock the best of Cloud with NetApp & Locuz. Learn what multi-cloud experts have to say about taming multi-cloud complexity. We will share real-world insights, proven strategies, and leading solutions so you can build a resilient multi-cloud that protects your data and address business challenges like supply chain shocks. You will also learn why today’s leading companies in the region increasingly rely on NetApp cloud-led data-centric solutions to power their multi-cloud ambitions.

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