Start With An Identity First Approach

May 31st, 2024
6:00 pm Onwards

The Cybersecurity landscape in today’s era is constantly evolving and with that, organizations are also redefining their strategies to combat the emerging threats effectively. At the forefront of this paradigm shift is the idea of ‘Lead with an Identity-first Approach.’

At CIO News, we are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive roundtable discussion that will explore this transformative approach in-depth. This exclusive event will bring together a select group of seasoned IT leaders representing diverse sectors to engage in a focused discussion centered on the latest trends, challenges, and priorities in identity security.

Key takeaways

– Benchmark your organization’s identity security against the five horizons.

– AI & ML applications in identity security.

– Managing employee and 3rd party risk with identity governance.

– Attend this event and claim your complimentary identity security assessment benchmark report for your organization.


Welcome & Overview – Hosts greet attendees and provide an event overview.

Keynote – Delve into identity security’s significance in today’s digital landscape.

Round Table – Discuss challenges and opportunities in adopting robust identity security measures.

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