Redesign your CX Strategy with
Connected Customer Journey

Date: 26th August 2022
Time: 6.30 PM onwards

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Director - CX Strategy & Transformation
Oracle CX

Prasad Pimple

Executive Vice president & Head – Digital Business Unit
Kotak Life Insurance

Sagar Mehta

Director Solutions Engineering
Oracle CX

Hari Shankar

SVP- Customer Experience
Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

Amlan Singh

Head Operations & Service
IIFL Finance

Amit Walinjkar

Associate Director
Customer Experience

Premal Shah

Head BFSI, Director - Sales
Oracle CX

In an increasingly digitally connected world, customers expect their financial service providers to connect all the dots and deliver seamless, personalized experiences. It is essential FSIs also capture all the customer data (transactional and non-transactional) to gain a better understanding in customers’ expectations, anticipate their needs, and deliver them correctly, every time.

This event focuses on the connected customers, connected data and connected journeys as the building blocks of delivering seamless and remarkable customer experience, at every single interaction.

Financial services firms are using more data than ever before, and they are innovating new use cases at a rapid speed. however, these firms still face several challenges to understand who their customers are and what kind of personalized offering should be delivered to them to unlocking more value from them.  This problem stems from having siloed data across different parts of organization, at different customer touch points and leads to poor customer experience.

The newer technologies and advanced modern approaches can significantly improve the way data is connected and managed. Connected data is the key to create the context needed for personalized offerings and improved customer experience.

This session will focus on the

  • Availability of Data across organizations
  • Need of connected data and the challenges of connecting data across the front, middle and back office
  • Role of technology and organizational processes in leveraging connected data

Rise of digital avenues for a customer to get engaged with the businesses also means, brands finding it incessantly difficult to impress their customers with consistent and seamless experience. The brands are challenged like never before to anticipate the customers’ expectations at each phase of their journey and at every interaction they do with the brand.

The session deep dives into identifying the needs of today’s connected customers and how brands can keep up with them and provide seamless digitally driven experiences.

Expectations are critical in determining the quality of an experience. In today’s times, the consumers have grown accustomed to receiving personalized gratifying experiences with highly intuitive amazon and apple kind of user interface and expect the same in their every interaction with any brand.  It’s essential for today’s brands to not only meet consumer expectations but exceed them at each and every touchpoint.

To be able to do this, the brands need to have a complete view of their customers journeys, enriched by data driven insights. The brands need to not only look at individual touch points, moments of truth, they also need to view the customer journeys, the holistic end-to-end experience of their customers to be able to deliver seamless, consistent experience. They not only need the right data spread across organization but also the right tools (data platforms, analytical tools and so on) and the people with the mindset

  • Adapting to the rising customer expectations and demands
  • Think Journey and not just touch points for seamless experience
  • Design journey maps with variety of customer and organizational data

Role of advanced technology solutions in delivering seamless experience across customer journey  

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