CFO's Guide to
Instant SaaS Savings

Date :16th March 2022          Time : 11:00AM to 12:00PM

About the Webinar

Gartner forecasts for 2021 says, SaaS expenditure is expected to grow up to 25% year-on-year, for the next 4 years.    Are IT budgets prepared to grow in line with this increase ?While an increase in SaaS usage is inevitable as the company grows, learn how AD of Finance at AirMeet controls cost effectively while optimising for growth.                                    Tune in to discover financial insights drawn from real world experiences

What you will Learn

  • SaaS Finance org – How is it evolving ?
  • Top priorities for Finance Head, Planning for growth
  • Evaluating SaaS spend & Optimising it
  • Time Spent vs Money Saved, where is the sweet spot ?
  • Unmanaged SaaS – Shadow IT, How do we tackle it ?
  • Market trends in SaaS Startup valuation, a Finance perspective

About the Speaker

Naga Photos

Naga Subramanya BB – Finance & Legal, AirMeet

Finance professional with a career history spanning from corporate practises to consulting start-ups. He believes Strategic business insights are obtained at the intersection of technology, business, finance and opportunity. 

He helps both mature businesses and Start-ups realise their vision with long-term strategic planning and his ability to develop & reinforce business strategy in support of pivotal decision-making processes.

He is also an excellent conversationalist & voracious writer, authoring more than 50 blogs on a variety of topics. As the host of India’s top Podcast – The Passion People Podcast, he has engaged with more than 60 key individuals from diverse industry backgrounds.

About the Speaker


Siddharth Sridharan – CEO, Spendflo

Siddharth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spendflo.

He has Co-Founded three companies and is also an Angel Investor.

Sid is a Master negotiator who drives value to both sides of the table, and is on a mission to help companies make the best of the booming SaaS market by optimising their spend with Spendflo.

Product Brief

Spendflo is an Industry leading SaaS Management platform that is focussed on Buyer needs and offers guaranteed savings on their SaaS spend. Spendflo offers granular visibility on Software usage, Request Management, App discovery and more. A complete Procure to Contract solution, where our team negotiates, buys and renews contracts for you, typically saving 80 man hours & saving 20-30% on your annual SaaS spend.

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