BFSI Synergy 2023

Unifying CX and EX for the Next-Gen BFSI

14th July 2023

6:00 PM Onwards

Novotel Mumbai International Airport

This in-person event is a collaborative effort by Freshworks, AWS, and Konnect Insights aimed at BFSI industry leaders, managers, and professionals. The focus will be on how to leverage CX and EX to gain a competitive edge in the BFSI industry.

Freshworks, as a leading provider of customer support software, will shed light on the importance of creating excellent customer experiences and how their solutions can facilitate this. AWS, a renowned pioneer in cloud services, will discuss the role of cloud security in safeguarding customer data, thus enhancing trust and customer experience. Konnectinsights, with its expertise in social listening and analytics, will demonstrate how understanding customer sentiments and feedback can inform business strategies and improve both CX and EX.

The event will feature expert talks, panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions. The event is an excellent opportunity for participants to gain insights, engage in meaningful discussions, and encourage synergies about the future of the BFSI industry.

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