Maximizing ROI with 
360 CX Strategy

: Mumbai 
Date: 16th March 2023
Time: 2:30 PM onwards

Maximizing ROI with 360 CX strategy


Business revenues are life blood to any organization and consistent revenue growth is critical for their success. With changes in the business environment, customer behaviour and technology innovations, there is ample scope for organizations to realize their full revenue potential. However, it requires integration of front and back office and more, while keeping your customer at the centre of your revenue strategy. 

This CX Roundtable as part of Oracle Cloud Summit, focuses on designing 360 CX strategy  for organizations by leveraging customer data and connected processes for improved business outcomes & top line, while making it rewarding for its customers.


Oracle Speaker: Ratnesh Mehra, Director – GTM & Strategy, Oracle CX

Oracle Speaker – Srishti Sofat, Senior Vice President, CX Marketing

About: Amidst ever changing business environment and highly demanding customers, business leaders are pressured more than ever to scale up their revenues. While there is a growing need to have a holistic view of customer to excel in digital transformation, data spread across silos in organization leads to myopic view of customer missing the larger picture and the higher revenues.

In this keynote, the audience will learn how to change with the times and make their business more customer-centric, including how to:

  • Leverage an integrated digital platform to strengthen relationships and grow revenues.
  • How to put the best use of marketing dollars for increasing campaign effectiveness.
  • How to strengthen the business with a single view of customer.

Moderator: Aashish Muttreja, Director- Solution Engineering, Oracle CX


  • Medha Tawde, CMO & Head Digital Transformation, Praxis Home Retail Ltd.
  • Devender Kumar, CXO & Head Digital Revenues, Angel One Ltd.
  • Jagdish Ramaswamy, President & Chief Digital Officer, Hindalco Industries Ltd.
  • Savio Rodrigues, Sr. VP Customer Service & Cross Sell, Shriram Finance

Industry Expert: Aditya Sudhindranath, Partner – Consulting, Deloitte India.

The relevance of data driven marketing for remarkable CX & achieving higher ROI is well established now. However, delivering seamless customer experience across touchpoints is easier said done, especially after the reopening of the world with face-to-face interactions happening alongside digital; and it requires an organization wide CX strategy including a clear understanding of customer mindset and commitment from top management.

In this panel, the industry experts will discuss and share from their experiences, about the critical factors of a 360 CX strategy and roadmap to deliver frictionless CX. The discussion will focus around:

  • Customers’ perceptions of CX and how they differ from marketers
  • Key areas where brands need to focus to deliver exceptional customer experience
  • CXO’s accountability in ensuring the smooth
  • CX strategy implementation
  • The role of right technology selection and the metrics to measure the success of CX efforts

Oracle Speaker: Ratnesh Mehra, Director – GTM & Strategy, Oracle CX


Aashish Muttreja

Head- Solution Engineering, Oracle CX

Aditya Sudhindranath

Partner - Consulting, Deloitte India

Jagdish Ramaswamy

President & Chief Digital Officer, Hindalco Industries

Medha Tawde

Marketing Leader, Growth Marketer, Omnichannel Retail Strategist, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience Leader Praxis Home Retail Limited

Ratnesh Mehra

Director – GTM & Strategy, Oracle CX

Srishti Sofat

SVP, Product Development, Oracle CX

Savio Rodrigues

Senior Vice President-Customer Service and Cross Sell, Shriram Finance

Devender Kumar

CXO - Digital Revenues, Angel One

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Register now to get an Exclusive Invitation to the Event.

We look forward to hosting you! 

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