How do modern CFO’s leverage tech to drive growth:

Insights from Naga Subramanya BB - Associate Director of Finance at Airmeet

About the Webinar

73% of companies say all their apps will be SaaS soon. Modern cloud software spending is projected to grow to $480 billion. As a result, there is a massive opportunity for modern CFOs to adapt, evolve, and open up new growth streams for their business with a modern tech stack. 

As a CFO, you understand that the role has evolved from a transactional background process to a strategic foreground one in the modern landscape. The digital transformation wave has forced CFOs to focus more on innovative cloud solutions, with a whopping 58% of finance executives prioritizing using tech to drive strategic growth.

However, much of the modern CFO playbook is still not public knowledge. As a result, real examples of leveraging tech, managing procurement, and driving strategic impact are shrouded in mystery. 

We’re here to help! Siddharth Sridharan from Spendflo, in this conversation with Naga, Associate Director of Finance at Airmeet, helps you uncover the latest playbook on planning your tech stack. Learn how to integrate tech with your finance function based on REAL insights that work.

About the Speaker

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Naga Subramanya BB – Finance & Legal, AirMeet

Finance professional with a career history spanning from corporate practises to consulting start-ups. He believes Strategic business insights are obtained at the intersection of technology, business, finance and opportunity. 

He helps both mature businesses and Start-ups realise their vision with long-term strategic planning and his ability to develop & reinforce business strategy in support of pivotal decision-making processes.

He is also an excellent conversationalist & voracious writer, authoring more than 50 blogs on a variety of topics. As the host of India’s top Podcast – The Passion People Podcast, he has engaged with more than 60 key individuals from diverse industry backgrounds.

About the Speaker


Siddharth Sridharan – CEO, Spendflo

Siddharth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spendflo.

He has Co-Founded three companies and is also an Angel Investor.

Sid is a Master negotiator who drives value to both sides of the table, and is on a mission to help companies make the best of the booming SaaS market by optimising their spend with Spendflo.

What you will Learn

In this session, you’ll uncover five ways to plan your Finance tech stack that will give your business an unfair advantage.

  1. How to select finance tools that will lead to better prediction of cash flows.
  2. How CFOs impact strategic growth with a modern software stack.
  3. How you can leverage tech, optimize core finance functions and learn to implement the tactics NOW.
  4. What is Spend management stack and when do you need one 
  5. Effective personalized tactics on becoming a strategic CFO who impacts growth.

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