Fully Remote Workspace

Keeping your team connected and together, even when they’re apart.

Remote work is not a new concept, but over the past year it’s taken a massive leap forward, from a conceptual strategy to the day-to-day reality of most information workers. The past year has been an incredible experiment in remote work, and that experiment has yielded some very real and surprising benefits to companies that have embraced it.

Productivity has long been the top concern of many companies as they considered flexible working options. Over the past year, many companies have found the flexible working options actually improved their team’s productivity. One Gartner study showed that when employees are given the flexibility to choose when and where they work, the percentage of top performers rose by 19 points to 55%. That means a majority of the employees at remote companies are top performers!

Worker desire for flexibility in where and when they work is mirrored in hiring trends. According to Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist at LinkedIn, “We’re seeing a huge increase in demand for remote work on our platform, one that will have a significant long-term impact on the labor market. Globally, we’re seeing four times the number of jobs that offer remote work since March.”

For these reasons and more, the remote work trend is not going anywhere soon. According to a Gartner study, seventy-four percent of surveyed companies plan to institute some form of remote work for their employees on a permanent basis. But successful remote work requires the right communication and collaboration tools, and Zoom offers a complete communication platform for your remote team.

Fully Remote Workspace Checklist

Keeping your employees connected, giving them new ways to collaborate, and facilitating the interactions that build and maintain company culture are all crucial elements of a successful, productive remote workspace. Your communication platform is the hub that makes all of this possible.

Use the checklist below to gauge your readiness to deploy a fully remote workspace.


- Seamless Zoom Whiteboarding (For easy collaboration)
- Zoom Apps (Apps available directly in the meeting)
- Messaging (Real-time connection)
- Noise Suppression (Fewer disruptions)


- Software/Hardware Phones (Easy remote use and setup)
- Zoom for Home (An enhanced Zoom home experience)
- Zoom on Smart Displays (More ways to connect)
- Mobile App (Always connected)


- Zoom Events (For company events)
- Large Meetings (Up to 1000 participants)

Zoom Events for Company Culture

When your employees are working remotely, maintaining company culture can be a challenge. Zoom Events provides an event platform that is perfect for offering culture-building classes to your employees, from yoga to cooking classes, ERG events to All-Hands Meetings. Sharing experiences is where culture is created and maintained, and Zoom Events makes it easy to attend a wide range of events or host your own.

Seamless Whiteboarding

Collaborate like you’re in person, even when you’re not. Zoom’s Whiteboard tools are perfect for collaborative brainstorms, ideation, and iteration. Contribute to whiteboards from your desktop application, mobile application, or Zoom Rooms for Touch devices, no meeting necessary! Zoom Whiteboards can easily be saved and shared to Zoom Chat or for reference or to build on in the next session, and every participant can collaborate on a Zoom Whiteboard from any device.

Zoom for Home

Zoom for Home devices bring exceptional meeting experiences right into your home office or living room. Easy setup and management mean you can spend more time face-to-face with your team, even when everyone is at home. Devices like the Facebook Portal TV, pictured here, can even turn your existing TV into a Zoom Room, allowing you to join meetings with a single touch.

Zoom on Smart Displays

Zoom now runs on more devices, including the Google Nest Hub Max, Amazon’s Echo Show, and the Facebook Portal. Your teams can leverage the smart devices already in their home for even more ways to meet and stay connected.

Zoom Chat

Make collaboration easier between teams and external participants with enterprise chat and instant video meetings. Zoom Chat allows you to communicate in real-time across your entire organization. With 1:1 chat and group chats, you can keep your teams up to date and connected from minute to minute. Zoom Chat provides the tools to help every organization leverage the power of messaging communication to enhance team collaboration.

Background Noise Suppression

The sites and sounds of a remote workspace are far less predictable than a standard office. Thankfully, Zoom’s background noise suppression will eliminate all background noise such as dogs barking or your partner’s phone call, creating a distraction-free meeting experience that’s perfect for important meetings and presentations or online education.

Zoom Apps and App Marketplace

Bring the tools you use every day into the Zoom Application with Zoom Apps and Zoom’s App Marketplace. Zoom can fit seamlessly into the workflows and tools your team already uses to get work done, eliminating time consuming context switching and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

Zoom Mobile App

Rated Best App of the Year in the Apple App Store, the Zoom Mobile App allows you to stay connected wherever you are. Whether you’re using Zoom Chat to stay in touch with your team or taking a video meeting on the go, the Zoom Mobile App ensures you never miss a thing.

Zoom Webinar for Large Meetings and Town Halls

Zoom scales seamlessly to accommodate all your meeting needs. Whether it’s a one-on-one or a town hall with the entire company, Zoom works perfectly every time. Zoom Webinar can accommodate even more participants, making Zoom the perfect choice for even your largest events.

As we mentioned in the introduction, what you choose for your next phase of work hinges on a number of factors unique to your business, your strategy, and your people. This choice should be carefully considered to find the solution that best fits your situation and business. With Zoom’s video-first unified communication platform, you’re able to keep your people safe, keep them connected, and keep them productive no matter what your next phase of work looks like. We’d love to speak to you about your workspace, the challenges and opportunities you’re facing, and how Zoom can partner with you to come back to the office stronger than ever.