Everywhere Security:
Protect Applications,
Employees and Networks

Taj Connemara, Chennai

August 18, 2023

6:00PM to 10:00 PM

The next steps in your security and digital transformation begin here.

Join us as we address the topic ” Everywhere Security: Protect Applications, Employees and Networks” at this exclusive peer-to-peer event alongside innovative security executives & industry experts.

Are you struggling to drive an agenda of transformation while reducing risk, securing your hybrid workforce, and managing a multi-cloud environment? You’re not alone. Threats are relentless, the talent shortage is real, and vendor sprawl means costs and complexity are spiralling out of control.

Register today and:

  1. Learn the latest on the threat landscape and how to consolidate, save, and get more secure.
  2. Hear how to protect employees, applications, and networks, with one unified cloud platform, powered by threat intelligence from a globe-spanning network.
  3. Network and share knowledge & best practices with your peers.

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