Cyber Security trends 2022 - Banking Industry CIsO Roundtable discussion


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The banking industry is making major investments in cyber-security, across institutions of varying sizes and credit quality. A majority of banks employ strong cyber governance practices, with 95% employing a CISO or CSO. Almost three-quarters of banks have a CISO, or another top cyber-security executive. 

The banking industry has been much attuned to cyber-risks. A company’s cyber risk is linked to a variety of factors, including its access to liquidity, the health of its balance sheet and its ability to adhere to sound cyber-security practices rather than the industry it operates in.  

CIO News and Fortinet are organizing an insightful CISO Roundtable session to discuss cyber-security trends in 2022 including: 

1.Devising a recovery plan if an attack occurs 

2.Updating security frequently 

3.Increasing budgets for IT resources 

4.Limiting access to cloud security 

5.Updating security systems and protocol 

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