The CX Journey

Company: Avaya

Customer Name: [Mr. SPOC]

Industry:  Technology/ Cloud Communication

Business Marketing Solution: Fireside Chat

Avaya Fireside Chat

Avaya leverages the CIO NEWS platform by Mercadeo to connect with C-level Executives

About Avaya

Helping to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Your business wants to make every experience as seamless and connected as possible. So employee collaboration is easier and more efficient, and customer satisfaction is higher. Avaya solutions make it happen.

Challenge/Opportunity Avaya Faced

Avaya had been achieving profits Q on Q for the last several quarters.
Their growth roadmap now included enhancement of Customer Experience – both for their Existing Customers and Prospects.
With the current competitive Market conditions, they were in need of a breakthrough via an innovative channel

Solution proposed

The business strategy included targeting the C-suite of Enterprise organizations for New Business Opportunities and Customer experience enhancement.
CIO News produces award-winning content and resources for IT leaders it provides business technology executives with an overview and insight into developments in information technology and an understanding of the role IT plays in achieving business objectives.
This medium was the best-fit solution to align with the business objectives planned by Avaya.
There was an array of thoughts and elaborate understanding put together to plan the journey.
We kick-started this project with our first Fireside Chat between February 2021 & May 2021.
It turned out to be an interesting exchange of technological & business information from both ends.
Thereafter, Fireside Chat sessions with leading players like _________________________, helped Avaya to position itself as a partner that would contribute to their business growth and address the relevant IT requirements.
What worked well in this association was the transparency in expectation setting between Avaya & CIO NEWS, as well as the trust in execution.
Here, explain what happened once your business started working with your customer. What was addressed first, and why? How did your customer feel about working with you in the early days?

The Results

In the end what matters is BUSINESS!
With this marketing strategy, Avaya was able to grow its potential business funnel by __%.
Their Customer Experience ratings gradually improved.

Our current engagements with CIOs and Top Technology Leaders:

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