Chennai D2C
Growth Meet up
with Shopify


Co- founder, Quartr Design

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (1)
Nisha Vasanth

Co- founder, Ariro Toys

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (2)
Niwin Santhosh

Co-Founder & COO, Vajro

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (3)
Arvind Sekar

Solutions Engineering Head, Freshworks

Co- founder, Prashanti Sarees

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (5)
Jagan Praveen

Sr Business Development Manager, Shopify

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (6)
Mathew K Samuel

Global Business Head.

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (7)
Shayna Arora

Senior Partner Manager, Shopify India

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (8)
Nisha Laxminarayan

Sr Merchant Success Manager, Shopify

Chennai-D2C-Growth-Meet-up-with-Shopify (9)
Vasanth Tamilselvan

Co- founder, Ariro Toys

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