How artificial intelligence will radically reshape data science, cybersecurity, applications and more

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) will reshape how we live, work and do business. Key experts from Snowflake offer insights into strategies to navigate the opportunity and uncertainty, including:

  • How gen AI and LLMs will impact our lives
  • The broader effects of data-fueled technology on the enterprise 
  • How these technologies will transform open source—and vice versa 
  • The enormous implications of advanced data modeling on cybersecurity

Generative AI And LLMs Will Change Our Lives—Profoundly

Deep learning will provide efficiency, insight and opportunity—but also deepfakes and misinformation. It will alter entire economies and ways of doing business. And it will happen faster than any technological revolution in human history. Our experts address the AI impact on:

  • Human-centered innovation
  • Ethics and regulatory regimes
  • Job creation, transformation and elimination

Generative AI and LLMs Will Transform the Enterprise

A forward-looking data strategy has never been more important. Large language models, bring both tremendous opportunity as well as the risk of being left behind. Snowflake’s 2024 predictions report explores the forces that will:

  • Accelerate your data strategy
  • Drive not just your approach to AI, but to the apps that leverage it
  • Create new revenue streams through data monetization
  • Raise your expectations of expert technical roles, from data scientist to BI analyst

Cybersecurity: Accountability, AI and More

New technology can bring new risks as well as benefits. Learn how cybersecurity and other disciplines will change in the generative AI era. Our experts discuss:

  • How AI advances will improve security
  • Why these advances will probably boost cyberattackers first
  • How the CISO’s role will (continue to) evolve

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